Welcome to my blog!

Here is where I am going to share with you my fitness journey. I was proactive enough and I have search for the options that suit my lifestyle best! I want to share with you all my journey so you can all follow your dreams.

I have just started my fitness journey. I am committed in going from an unhealthy lifestyle to a very green life! I know its not going to be easy! I have read blogs, websites about fitness but I have no clue of most of the things, all I realised was that all everyone on it was already healthy and that it looked really easy for them but not for me as I am well behind (im sure you feel like that too). I realised there aren’t many beginner exercises or meal plans. I would easily give up on them as they were too hard to follow.

I decided to share my journey with you because out there I am sure there are more people in the same situation as me. I want to make a big change in my lifestyle and I did my research and spent countless hours looking for an option that would fit me best. I would like to share my journey with you so you can join me too.

If you are starting your fitness journey then this is the website to read daily! I will give you daily updates on my meal plans and my exercises and if you wish you can follow me!

Are you ready to train with me and achieve our goals together?